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Terminal Railway Valpolicella s.p.a. was born in the early 90s for logistical needs related to the transport of the blocks of marble and granite from the Italian and Northern Europe ports destined to the industries in Valpolicella.

Even today we are one of the few private companies in Italy to manage a railway terminal.

We work with the Port of Carrara, the Port of Venice and shippers in Northern Europe. We offer a complete service to the customers: we transfer the goods by rail, giving therefore a concrete answer to the environmental issues related to the transfer of goods.

We have specialized in unloading and loading of containers containing blocks and processed marble and granite, as slabs.

In recent years our services have diversified, working with steel industries. In particular wire rod, steel pipes, round steel. We have also the possibility of moving iron’s slabs and billets. We are also equipped for the discharge of timber and cellulose.

We have forklifts that lift more than 40 tons and exceptional trucks to offer the delivery of the goods to the customers.

Terminal Railway Valpolicella s.p.a. It is located in the heart of the industrial area of St. Ambrose, the world center of processing of Marble and Granite, a few kilometers from the highway Affi and Verona North, connected to the train station in Domegliara / S.Ambrogio.
The total area amounts to 22,000 square meters.